Therapeutic Options

Spinal Injections

Thoracic facet joints are tiny joints at each section of the spine that impart stability and facilitate guide motion. The facet joints can turn out to be painful due to arthritis of the spine, a back injury or mechanical strain.

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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

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Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) also called rhizotomy or neurotomy is a novel non-surgical technique of treating pain. This technique employs radiofrequency waves to produce heat and the heat produced damage the nerves transmitting pain signal to the brain. This procedure is performed to treat painful facet joints in the spine that usually cause chronic low back pain and neck pain.

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Joint Injections

The sacroiliac joint connects the lowest part of the spine, the sacrum, to the adjoining bones of the pelvis, the iliac bones that are present on either side of the sacrum. In an adult there is minimal movement at these joints. However in a female, they play an important role during delivery where they relax and increase the flexibility of the pelvis.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a newer modality of treatment for the management of many orthopedic conditions including sport injuries. RBC (red blood cells), WBC (white blood cells), plasma, and platelets are the major components of blood. Platelets are small discoid blood cells with granules containing clotting and growth factors which are released during the healing process.

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Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy is a medical specialty where specially designed exercises and equipments help patients restore their normal physical activities. Physical therapy is advised when the health problems make it hard to move around and make your daily activities uneasy.

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Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal cord stimulation is used for the management of chronic pain in arms and legs that has not responded to conventional modalities of treatment. Specific segments of the spinal cord are stimulated through electrical signals, generated by a spinal cord stimulator, which may be associated with a slight prickling or tingling sensation.

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Peripheral Nerve Blocks

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Independent Medical Evaluation

Independent medical evaluation (IME) is an examination performed to determine impairment and/or disability for the purpose of claims or legal proceedings. A physician who performs the IME is not involved in the diagnosis and treatment plan of an individual, so he/she provides an independent and unbiased report.

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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses low-voltage current to relieve acute and chronic pain. It is indicated for pain relief in conditions such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, tendinitis, cancer pain, labor pain and sprains.

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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injection (TPI) are used to treat intense pain in the muscles containing trigger points. Trigger points are tight bands or knots that are formed when the muscle fails to relax after the contraction. A trigger point may also cause referred pain(pain in another part of the body) by irritating the adjacent nerves.

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